Pop R&B

NAKED DRUMS Contents: 1 DVD with over 2 GB of 24 bit 44.1k grooves and fills ranging from 60 BPM to 240 BPM, as well as single hit samples, in multitrack format. The number of grooves and fills is approximately 450. 

INDIVIDUAL TRACKS: Snare, Kick, Hi-Hat, Stereo Overheads, Tom 1, Tom 2 and Tom 3. Hits include various kick, snare, hats, cymbals and bell mic'd the same way as the loops. Click here to see a screen shot of an included Pro Tools session.

COMPATIBILITY: Mac and Windows.  Included are tempo-mapped Pro Tools™ session documents (Ver. 5.1 or higher).  Also compatible with any digital audio editing software that can import .WAV files.  Fully compatible with ACID.

To get a sample of exactly what you get on the set, download the 20MB Pro Tools 5.0 demo session - .sit demo session or .zip demo session.  Non-Pro Tools users should download the Pro Tools demo session and import the audio files into the editing software that you normally use.  Or you can download the ACID 3.0 file with embedded audio.

MIXED Version Contents: 1 cd-rom containing over 450, 24 bit 44.1k stereo loops.  All loops are mixed from the Naked Drums set and have corresponding track names of the Naked Drums Pop R&B set.

Click on the Demo buttons to listen to MP3 demos.
Please note: The MP3 demos are low resolution examples of mixed MultiLoops.